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Even Great Old Ones need a holiday now and again

I am having a good time in Sydney at the moment, where it is a pleasant temperature (ignore the locals who say it is cold - they are soft southern wimps) and mostly wet. In one of My finer acts, it is raining everywhere except where the reservoirs are, so it is not helping the drought at all. I have a new minion - a subbie Koala in leather and chains called Bruce.

Unfortunately, despite feorag checking My wing bones before we left, I have managed to break My left wing really badly, and the bone is sticking out. feorag is out now finding green thread so that the stitches will not show when she mends it. She says she is only going to do it temporarily, with flourescent green gaffer tape. She muttered something about asking nojay for advice on making an entire new wing bone for Me -- I like the idea of being a bionic Cthulhu.

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